Bank Transfer Details

Welcome to the William John (HV) Bank Transfer Screen.

You have arrived here as a result of your Agent sending you a link to this portal, to proceed with your funds transfer for your Investor Application for the William John (HV) Bond. If you did not receive this link from your Agent then please contact your Agent without delay.

Please ensure funds are not transferred until confirmation of the KYC/AML has been received. You will be emailed when these checks have been completed. The email will confirm the bank details and show the reference you MUST quote on the transfer in order to identify your payment correctly.



BCB Prime Services Ltd
5 Merchant Square, London, W1 2AS, United Kingdom

IBAN: CH95 0879 9927 5111 0081 4

€ – EUR Subscription

Please Note:
When making your transfer the IBAN may show as INCORE BANK AG but you should complete your transfer using the above details only.

If you have any problems with your transfer please let your agent know as soon as possible to avoid any delays with your investment.