Qualified Investor Status

Welcome to the William John (HV) Bond Qualified Investor Status Portal.

You have arrived here as a result of your Agent sending you a link to this qualification portal, in order to proceed with your Investor Application for the William John (HV) Bond. If you did not receive this link from your Agent then please contact your Agent without delay.

Click below to start your Investor Qualification and then submit the form to begin your application. Your Agent will be notified once you have submitted the form and will contact you forthwith.

(∑) If you do not have the required current signed statement confirming your status, please download and sign the appropriate statement before confirming your Investor Status. You can download a copy of the forms below.
Please note these are for your records only and do not require submission.

>>Download>> Self-Certified Sophisticated Investor-(∑)

>>Download>> Certified High Net Worth Individual-(∑)


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