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William John Market Report 30-12-21

30 Dec 2021, Posted by admin in

The Italian luxury fashion company Zegna became the first Italian luxury fashion brand to list public equity on the New York Stock exchange this month. The brand, a third-generation family-owned luxury fashion retailer, combined with a European Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC) called Investindustrial, ran...

William John Market Report 28-12-21

28 Dec 2021, Posted by admin in

Blockchain, the peer-to-peer computerised ledger system that underpins cryptocurrency and decentralised applications on notable crypto platforms such as Ethereum, Cardano and Solana, continues to evolve finance and financial services. Last week, J.P. Morgan announced it was partnering with Siemens to develop a blockchain ledger system...

William John Market Report 23-12-21

23 Dec 2021, Posted by admin in

In 2021, US pension funds have invested hundreds of billions of dollars into bonds avoiding the expensive and riskier equity markets in the process. Large cap equities in major Western markets are all trading at record highs or close to record highs in aggregate, judging...

William John Market Report 21-12-21

21 Dec 2021, Posted by admin in

Major commodity and equity markets have taken a slide as concerns mount over the “Omicron” variant of COVID-19. As the new variant of the virus spreads rapidly, investor uncertainty surrounding the economic consequences of Omicron are growing.  On 19/12, the Netherlands announced a strict Christmas lockdown,...

William John Market Report 17-12-21

17 Dec 2021, Posted by admin in

Didi Chuxing, a large Chinese ride-hailing equivalent to Uber, has signalled its intention to move to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange after Chinese authorities and regulators pressured it to withdraw from the New York Exchange. Based on data security concerns, Chinese authorities including the Cyberspace...

William John Market Report 16-12-21

16 Dec 2021, Posted by admin in

As inflation continues to accelerate to its highest level in over a decade, investors are allocating more capital to inflation-linked assets. In November, U.S. inflation rose to 6.8% whilst Eurozone inflation rose to 4.9% and U.K. inflation to 5.1%, all year on year. Whilst Central...

William John Market Report 30-11-21

30 Nov 2021, Posted by admin in

In October, inflation reached its highest level in a decade. The Consumer Price Index, which tracks the prices of a ‘basket’ of consumer related goods on a year-to-date basis, rose by 4.2% in the 12 months to October 2021, up from 3.1% in September.  The current...

William John Market Report 29-11-21

29 Nov 2021, Posted by admin in

A few weeks ago, Royal Dutch Shell announced plans to ditch its dual share structure, which consists of Class ‘A’ and Class ‘B’ shares. The move, which will see Royal Dutch Shell be renamed Shell Plc, will establish the Oil & Gas giant in London...

William John Market Report 17-11-21

17 Nov 2021, Posted by admin in

In October, the first Bitcoin-backed exchange traded fund (ETF) in the United States was launched on the New York Stock Exchange. The Bitcoin Strategy ETF by ProShares Trust made its debut on 20/10. Looking at its performance since launch, its price has fluctuated and it...

William John Market Report 15-11-21

15 Nov 2021, Posted by admin in

Conglomerates, defined as companies consisting of a number of different parts that fall under the same group as one company, are some of the largest and most public businesses in the world today. Take for example Reliance Industries, the company owned by Mukesh Ambani (India’s...