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William John Market Report 11-11-21

11 Nov 2021, Posted by admin in

Following the IPO of Volvo Cars on the Nasdaq Nordic exchange a few months ago and impending SPAC merger between Gores Guggenheim and Polestar (A partially Volvo-owned electric vehicle maker) – further movement has occurred in the equity capital markets within the electrified vehicle industry.  On...

William John Market Report 10-11-21

10 Nov 2021, Posted by admin in

Millennium Capital, one of the world’s most successful hedge funds, recently announced its intention to restructure its redemption plans for investors.  One of the riskiest features of a hedge fund – a type of financial institution which attempts to “beat the market” using borrowed capital and...

William John Market Report 05-11-21

05 Nov 2021, Posted by admin in

The Bank of England announced in October that inflation was likely to hit 5% year on year by early spring 2022, around the second quarter. For a central bank with a 2% per year inflation target, a 5% rate of inflation is certainly concerning and...

William John Market Report 03-11-21

03 Nov 2021, Posted by admin in

What is the metaverse? It has been a buzzword over the past couple of weeks, with Facebook announcing a company rebranding to Meta on the back of another ethical scandal, with a whistle-blower from the company accusing Facebook of putting user metrics and profits before...

William John Market Report 30-10-21

30 Oct 2021, Posted by admin in

Volvo cars, trading under the ticker VOLCAR-B, completed its IPO listing on 29/10. Having been oversubscribed in the lead up to its equity offering, the manufacturer said the IPO would see the entire company add more than 200,000 new shareholders, according to Reuters.  Shares jumped as...

William John Market Report 29-10-21

29 Oct 2021, Posted by admin in

This week, 10-year maturity UK Gilts (the Treasury’s government-back bond) saw the highest one-day change in yield since the outbreak of the pandemic in March 2020: Source: William John Analytics, marketwatch.com. Yield recorded at close.   Yield, which moves inversely to price, indicated a strong positive reaction from...

William John Market Report 22-10-21

22 Oct 2021, Posted by admin in

Lithium will be known to most of the world as “Li” on the periodic table if you were taught chemistry at school – until now. Lithium is rapidly becoming one of the world’s most essential resources; being the main material used for manufacturing car batteries...

William John Market Report 21-01-21

21 Oct 2021, Posted by admin in

US and European Equities continued to gain on major indices including the S&P 500, FTSE 100 and the European STOXX 600 over the past few weeks. As earnings for major companies are released for the third quarter, the market consensus has been that earnings across...

William John Market Report 15-10-21

15 Oct 2021, Posted by admin in

In recent months, China has cracked down on blockchain bitcoin activities. According to the Cambridge Bitcoin Electricity Consumption Index, Chinese mining activity has fallen from 34.21% of the total global hash rate (computational power per second used to mine cryptocurrency) in June to 0% in...

William John Market Report 13-10-21

13 Oct 2021, Posted by admin in

This week, the European Union issued the largest value of “green bonds” in financial history. The bloc raised its target €12 billion and attracted over €135 billion worth of orders for the bonds – signalling strong investor demand for the security in a period where...