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William John Market Report 08-10-21

08 Oct 2021, Posted by admin in

As countries around the world perpetuate their transition to a “net zero” economy in the coming decades, investor sentiment has been drawn towards investing in “green” financial products. Green bonds, a fixed income debt security that is specifically offered to finance environmental or climate projects,...

William John Market Report 07-10-21

07 Oct 2021, Posted by admin in

As technology has evolved, many aspects of life have been economised. Why ring a taxi when you can order an Uber? Why print off your boarding pass for a flight when you can have it on your phone? Why have a heart check-up when your...

William John Market Report 24-09-21

24 Sep 2021, Posted by admin in

The impending collapse of The Evergrande Group is to China what Lehman Brothers was to the United States.  The world’s most indebted property developer may have reached its limits. On 23/09, Evergrande is expected to make a crucial bond payment using “off-exchange negotiations” according to the...

William John Market Report 23-09-21

23 Sep 2021, Posted by admin in

Following on from the Market Report last week on 17/09, the situation surrounding gas prices has deteriorated rapidly. According to the Financial Times, five UK energy suppliers (with a total of 570,000 domestic customers) have already gone out of business since the start of August...

William John Market Report 17-09-21

17 Sep 2021, Posted by admin in

Natural gas prices have soared to record highs amidst concerns of tight supplies and weather-induced shortages ahead of winter. According to Ofgem, the Office for Gas and Electricity Markets, the price for forward delivery contracts of natural gas in the UK have skyrocketed since the...

William John Market Report 16-09-21

16 Sep 2021, Posted by admin in

The UK Consumer Price Index (CPI) rose by 3.2% in the 12 months to August 2021, up from 2.0% in the 12 months to July. The 1.2% percentage point increase is, according to the Office for National Statistics, the largest incremental change in the inflation...

William John Market Report 12-09-21

13 Sep 2021, Posted by admin in

Whether institutional investors like it or not, cryptocurrency is an asset class, and it is here to stay. Andreessen Horowitz, a Venture Capital fund best known for investing in Facebook and Twitter, is aiming to raise $450 million for its second cryptocurrency fund. Meanwhile, Goldman...

William John Market Report 06-09-21

06 Sep 2021, Posted by admin in

Football became a professional vocation in 1888 with the establishment of the Football League. In the 133 years since the professional game was founded, it is fair to say football has evolved. Whether it be tactics, finances, clubs, players, or fans, almost every aspect of...

William John Market Report 02-09-21

02 Sep 2021, Posted by admin in

The U.S. government bond market underpins the global financial system. Considered the safest publicly listed investment available to investors, there are currently $21.7 trillion worth of outstanding U.S. Treasury securities worldwide. Additionally, yields on medium to long term maturity Treasury bonds are used as proxies...

William John Market Report 31-08-21

31 Aug 2021, Posted by admin in

Jackson Hole, a skiing valley in the state of Wyoming and home to many areas of outstanding natural beauty, has become a symbol of post-pandemic Western capitalism. The Jackson Hole Economic Symposium is a meeting of “economists, financial market participants, academics, U.S. government representatives and...